Diamond The Dog


Hello All

My name is Diamond The Dog and you all will call me as my name is, Diamond The Dog. I am the owner of this site. I came from the dark world of India and my moderators, administrators, operators are came from the same dark world.

All the moderators and administrators are just the deathwatch here they have all permission that they need. They Can take decision as they think. And you all have to respect them, specially Mr. Clown.

This site is made for sharing what is on this site. Our rules are very clear if you found any thing then and you thing that this must be share then share that as much as you can. Do not deny any one that you get from this site, you can tell each and every friend about this site and make them free to download what is here. As you know we have lots of features made by Mr. Clown to download movies and we have a request engine also where you can request, complain, tell us about the issues that you face on this site and administrators are happy to help you in this. We are not like those people who created a platform and forgets to the visitors that always will be in mind. So keep this in your mind that we are here for every thing, you don't worry.

Our mission is to provide things easy and for every one without taking any coin. We do not host any thing from this site, we just collect things that are present on the dark web and it is sometimes not easy to get or not free. We are the best haters of paid things, as form that they present and sell this. They put lots of misleading ads on there site and you just click again and again but do not get the real content. So ShareIndia is the cure of this problem.

We have lots of to say about this and lots of problems and solutions but this is not the right place to talk. Here you can share with your mate your love data.

We respect your idea and your thought about our world and always with you.

If you got any trouble in this site then tell this to Mr. Clown on this address mrclown@shareindia.esy.es. He will fix that as soon as possible.

If you want to connect with me then i will advice you come to our place write us and if you have a different idea or trouble then write me on my address webmaster@shareindia.esy.es.

If you have any comment about the movies and other content then there is comment system also write comment on that content.

Greetings from me guys have fun here and do not forget Sharing is Caring.

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