Mr. Clown

I Am Administrator

Hello mate

My name is Mr. Clown. And You all will call me as my name Mr. Clown And i am Chief Administrator and Moderator here. I am here to listen want you want to say and manage all your needs.

You guys can understand manage these type of site is not a joke and you have anything for me then give it to me at

Guys our boss Diamond the Dog appointed me here to manage and control all things and i thing i am good at my work. He found me in dark world and he has a dream of new India where all things are same for every one, No one is greater or no one is smaller, we all are at same level and every one shares with there mate all that they have. And we are sharing all that we have. People who are cheap do not share things that is not came from nature and that are not immortal. I don't know why these happing around us even nature shares every thing without hesitation.

So i want you all, who is here is my mate, come together and make not even better India or The Best Of India. I have deep faith in our boss dream. And you also think same.

Now mate listen to me carefully, this site is not shit like others and i am not here to tolerate any thing that should not here in any form. No one will lead abuse and no one will break rules of this site. Our boss will get really angry and your IP address could be block permanently. I am just a small guy to obey orders of my boss. If you have any problem them i am here, if i got any problem then he is here also.

So have fun and do what you want to do.

As you can see here we share movies but could possible we can start sharing music, videos, softwares and lots of other stuff may be.

Since we just started so you guys are not allowed to upload any thing here but soon we will provide this feature also to upload yous contents.

These all are yours choice and want to contact us then go our write us page and if you any other way, no chance, our boss does not allows that.

From my side thanks to every one visiting here, enjoy and have fun and do not forget sharing is caring.


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